Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator and Chart for Men, Women & Kids

BMI or body massage index is also known as the Quetelet index, we can drive this value for BMI by the calculation of height and weight of a person. The BMI full form is body mass index and it is defined as the mass of body divided by the square of an individual height and the unit of this calculation is kg/m2 because the unit of mass is kilogram and the unit of height is the meter which is substituted in this calculation. We can also determine the BMI by the help of a table in which BMI for different categories is mentioned and can find out with help of this chart or table.

BMI chart for Men & Women

The BMI is a result of quantifying tissue mass of a person and then later on they both are categorized in four factors which are underweight, normal, overweight and obese depending on the value of resulted BMI calculation. There is a particular range of BMI by which one can be classified among these categories the BMI ranges for each factor is :

* Underweight –  less than 18.5 kg/m2

* Normal weight – 18.5 to 25 kg/m2

* Overweight – 25 to 30 kg/m2

* Obese – more than 30 kg/m2


There is a different BMI association for the people of Asia and has a different percentage of fat in the body and are more prior to health risk than European people. They are at the high risk of getting type 2 diabetes and prone towards the cardiovascular disease. Adolphe Quetelet was the one who gives or discover the factor of calculating BMI, he was a Belgian astronomer, statistician, mathematician and the sociologist in between 1830 to 1850.

We use BMI to calculate or get to know whether a person is healthy or not, we do not use this tool to identify the obesity of any person because there are various factors which are used to diagnose whether person is obese or not and these factors include different kind of diagnosis, muscle-fat ratio, height, age, sex, bone density etc after concluding all these factors only then we are able to say that any person is obese or not.

You should also keep this point mind that a BMI do not make any kind of distinctions whether you are a male or female, have a large body frame or small body frame, high muscle mass or more acquired fat and such kind of factors won’t consider in the calculation of BMI so it may be possible that a muscular person or a person who is a bodybuilder might get high BMI but this never means that he is obese or needs to lose weight etc. BMI is not more than a gross estimation of the fat amount in the body of a person, this BMI calculation will tell you that you are healthy or not or either you are required to lose weight or gain weight.

All adults who are having exact normal BMI or labelled as healthy do not consider as healthy in general but it won’t mean that they are also healthy in their normal life as may be possible that they are gaining more fat instead of gaining muscles. It may be also possible that you have a high range of BMI this never means that you are obese as athletes or a person who exercises a lot may gain more muscles as compared to fat which can increase BMI count but they are still healthy.

The ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding mother do not come under the BMI calculation range.The BMI calculator calculates the value of BMI which is correspondence to the status of the weight of a person which may also consider the age of a person, BMI is having only one limitation where the body mass or body composition is not taken in account it only uses to components height and weight of a person. Now, we are going to share the formula for body mass index it is :

BMI Calculator Formula

It is very simple to calculate BMI you can simply use the following equation to calculate BMI of your body in any system with SI ( international system of units ) or USC ( US customary system ) in which the calculation of BMI is depended on units.

* If you are having the measures of your height and weight in inches and pound respectively then you can simply calculate the BMI by using following formula which is :

BMI = 703 * Mass ( lbs ) / height * height ( in )


* If you are having the measurements of your height and weight in meter and kg respectively then you can simply use the following formula to calculate your BMI :

BMI = Mass ( kg ) / height * height ( m )


So, by using the above formulas you can easily calculate the value of BMI and come to know that whether you are underweight or overweight or normal it is very simple and require some normal mathematical calculation. Below we will also provide you the full stepwise guide by the help of which you will be able to calculate the BMI for your body very easily.


BMI Calculator

BMI calculator is one by the help of which you can easily calculate BMI of your body by simply inserting values for your measured height and weight. There are various online calculators which provide you the calculated answer very easily with just a single click. Here we are also going to provide you online BMI calculator by which after inserting just simple values for your height and weight you can calculate and get the result for your BMI in just seconds. Now, we are going to tell you that how you can calculate BMI for your measured height and weight values, let us come to know :


How to calculate BMI ( Body Mass Index )

It is very important to know the body mass index of the body for a particular person of this calculation, you can easily get to know about your health and it will let you know how much fat is your body acquiring and this is one of the best easiest and nonexpensive method for the measurement. You can find various ways by which you can easily calculate the BMI of your body there is not only one method by which you can come to know about your BMI value.

What is my BMI?

Here we are going to tell you how you can easily calculate the value of BMI for yourself it is very simple and easy to do so just follow the below-mentioned steps to do this it is as simple as normal multiplication and division just keep in mind that you should have the particular measurements for your current height and weight before you go through the calculation of BMI.

Method – 1: With the help of metric measurements

This is one of the common and easy ways for the calculation of BMI as we are familiar with these terms. We are also having BMI metric calculator which are available online for such conversions but here we are going to do this calculation manually. so, we are going to calculate the value of BMI in metric units for calculation you have to follow the below-mentioned steps :

* First of all you have to take the measurements of your height in meters and then multiply your height by the same which means you have to take the square of your height like if you are having the measurements of your height as 1.75 meters then you have to multiply it by same which is 1.75 meters and the result which you will get will be around 3.06

* Now next you have to take the measurements for your height in kilogram and divide this value of your weight with the resulted value of height squared. Like if you are having your weight as 75 kilogram then you will be needed to divide it by the value of 3.06 which we got in first step. Then the calculated answer for your BMI will be equal to the 24.5

* If you are having the calculation for your height in cm then you can simply convert your measurements into the meter and can get the perfect results by using same equation as you did above so, by this you can easily get the calculated value for your measurements.


Method – 2: With the help of imperial measurements

Another way in which we take our measurements is the imperial way in which your measured height is in the unit of inches and your weight is in pounds which is simple and easy to calculate the only change will be in the calculation formula. Let us come to know about the calculation of BMI with these measurements:

* First of all you have to take the measurements of your height in inches and take this value for the calculation purpose now you have to calculate the square of your height in the same which is inches so multiply your own height twice like if your height in inches is equal to the 70 then you have to multiply it again by 70 and the answer which comes will be equal to the result of 4900.

* Next you are required to again divide your weight with the resulted square value of your height, here you will have the measurements for your weight in pounds which will be equal to the overall mass of body. Let us take an example that the weight of your body is equal to the 180, now we will divide the both like simply divide the value of height with weight means 180/4900 the answer which you gets will be equal to the 0.03673.

* Now, in this last step of calculation, you are needed to multiply the resulted value with 703. So, here we have got our answer as 0.03673 now, we have to simply multiply this value with 703 to get the exact value for our calculated BMI. After multiplication, we will got the answer as 25.8 which is the correct calculated  BMI value.

Method – 3: With the help of metric conversion factor

This is the another in which we convert some of the values to get accurate result let us come to know how :

* The metric conversion factor is 0.025 which is needed to convert the measurements taken in inches to meter. For example, if your measured height in terms of inches is equal to 60 then you have to multiply this value by 0.025 in which you will get the answer for your multiplication as equal to 1.5 meters. Now , simply you are required to multiply this resulted number with its own as here we got 1.5 so multiply it again with 1.5, the answer which you get will be equal to the 2.25.

* Now, for converting pounds into kilogram the metric conversion which we have is 0.45 so , here we will simply multiply our measured weight which is in pound with the value 0.45 let we are having our weight as 150 pounds so we will divide it by 0.45 and the result which comes will be equal to the 67.5

* Now, at last, we are needed to divide the larger calculated value with the smaller one, here we got two values which are 67.5 and other is 2.25 so we will divide 67.5 with the number 2.25 and the answer which you will get is equal to the 30.

So, by the help of these following methods, we can easily calculate the value of BMI in any of the measurement units in which we are having our result.

Healthy Weight Calculator

There are various types of calculator which are available online and by which we can easily calculate our BMI in different forms here we are going g to discuss some of these calculators. To know more get the information from below :

1. BMI calculator in kilogram and feet

This is the first type of calculator which is available and used more widely as we can easily measure our height in feet and weight in kilogram, therefore, we use the BMI calculator in kg to get easily and quick calculation. By the help of this calculator, you can easily get the result or calculated value for your BMI in which you are having your values for height in feet and weight in kg.

2 . BMI calculator in kg and cm

This is another measurement which is used more often then any other calculation in this type of calculation we have the values for our height and weight in different units. If we are having the measured value of our height in cm and for our weight in kg then we will require this BMI calculator in kg and cm this will make your work easy with convenient conversions and calculations. This is one of the most used BMI calculator in India as the measurements are easy to take in this format.

3 . BMI calculator in kg with age

This is the another and rare used calculator to get the resulted values of BMI. For the calculation of BMI with help of these calculators we require both weight and height but with that, this calculator also takes that value of your age so that it can give you the perfect measurements according to your age.

4 . BMI calculator for kids

The another most searched and used BMI calculator is for kids or children. While the adult BMI has chart or affected value but the BMI calculator for kids or BMI calculator for girls do not follow that particular BMI chart or table as they follow their own table and has a particular measurement which are based on the percentile between their age group children. There is a particular chart by which you can get the BMI calculation for children which is stated below :

Category – Percentile range

Underweight – less than 5 %

Healthy weight – 5 % to 85 %

At the risk of overweight – 85 % to 95 %

Overweight – more than 95 %


Body Fat Calculator (BMI) for Women

Body fat in scientific term is known as the adipose tissue, as there is a various function which are being performed by adipose tissue so they are very important for our body. The main function of adipose tissue in our body is to store the amount of fat or lipid which later used in the formation of energy. There are various hormones present in our body and some of them are secreted by adipose tissues and additionally, it also provides the function of cushioning and insulation to our body.

There are two different types of fat which can be taken by our body which are essential body fat and storage body fat.

Essential body fat: This fat is very important for our body as it increase up the level of fat which is required for the functioning of several parts of our body and this one is also important to maintain the reproductive parts and their functions in our body. Both men and women require essential fat for proper growth but the amount of getting essential fat is different in both men and women which is almost around the 2 to 5 % in men while 10 to 13 % in women. The range of essential fat which is considered as healthy for both men and women are 8 to 19 % in men and the range of 21 to 33 % of essential fat in women is considered as healthy. Although fat is good and important for our body but the excess amount of fat can create lots of problems and leads you toward several health issues with negative result over your body. So , it is very important to maintain the perfect percentile of fat in your body to remain fit and healthy.


Storage fat: This is another fat which gets accumulated in the adipose tissue of our body and it becomes the subcutaneous fat as it gets deep into the dermis or skin and gets surrounded around the vital organs. The storage fat is also known as the visceral fat because it is present within the abdominal cavity in between of organs. The some amount of stored fat is commonly found in every one but the excess amount of storage fat is not good for health and can lead you towards serious disease or problems. When our body gets excess amount of fat then we can become obese and it can lead you towards obesity also you should remember that being obese or overweight always never means or indicates that you are having more fat sometimes it can also be due to the more muscle growth , greater bone density or due to more water content so the weight can vary due to several factors. So , to remain healthy and get accurate guide toward your health measures it is very important for you to calculate the body fat present in your body. You can easily calculate the body fat percentage in your body by using some simple formulas and performing some easy calculations. When you go through the calculation of body fat you can also do this with help of the online calculators. There are various online body fat calculator which can give you result in just seconds after inserting asked values exactly but if you wanted to know the body fat percentage by the manual calculation then you will be going to require some BFP ( Body fat percentage ) formula which we are going to tell before this you should remember that children , adults , men , women all have different values for their body fat percentage and also uses different formulas for their calculation let us told you how you can get the value for your own calculation.


1 . Body fat percentage formula for adult males

BFP = 1.20 * BMI + 0.23 * Age – 5.4


2 . Body fat percentage formula for adult females

BFP = 1.20 * BMI + 0.23 * Age – 16.2


3 . Body fat percentage formula for boys

BFP = 1.51 * BMI – 0.70 * Age – 2.2


4 . Body fat percentage formula for girls

BFP = 1.51 * BMI – 0.70 * Age + 1.4


So, these above are some of the formulas by which you can easily calculate the body fat percentage for yourself and for this calculation you will also be going to require the calculated value of body mass index for your body.

Now, we are going to provide you with some of the important chart and table which are related to BMI and are important for exact analysis and getting perfect results. These are :


Body Mass Index Table


So, this was all about the calculation of BMI and its importance now we are going to share some questions which are being asked by everyone these questions will let your concept to be more clear.


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques – 1: How to use BMI calculator?

Ans – 1 : It is very simple to use any online BMI calculator. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps :


1 . First of all, you will be required to enter the measured value of your weight and then select its unit in which measurements have been taken if the unit is not mentioned.

2 . Next, you need to insert your height in feet and inches or in the unit which is mentioned behind the box.

3 . After it simply click on the button of calculate.

4 . Now , weight for few seconds and you will get the calculated value for your measurements.


Ques – 2: How is BMI calculated?

Ans – 2 : We have also provided the answer to this question in the article again let us come to know about it. For calculating your body mass index you simply have to divide your weight which is in kilogram with the square of your height taken in meters.


For example : The height of a person is 1.6 meter and his approximate weight is 60 kg so to calculate BMI we do

60 / ( 1.6 * 1.6 )

60 / 2.61

= 22.9 kg/m2


So , the resulted BMI is equal to the 22.9


Ques – 3: Why do we need to calculate BMI?

Ans – 3 : BMI is important to know different parameters of a person like he falls in which category underweight, normal, overweight or obese and this calculation is defined by the NIH ( National institute of health ). If the calculated BMI result for your body falls in the category of underweight then it means that you are at the risk of getting diseases or health issues as it directly means that your immune system is weak. If the calculated value of your BMI says that you are overweight or obese then it also means that you are at great risk of getting diseases likes as of high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and much more.


Ques – 4 : When is it required to visit the doctor?

Ans – 4 : If you found that your calculated BMI falls in any category other then normal, it means that you are required to get tested for once a year or within six months for any thoughts of health disease. So , it is important to consult your doctor because it may be possible that you are holding any disease or at the risk of getting any disease so it is better to consult your doctor as soon as possible. As the normal range for BMI is 18.5 to 25 and if you do not fall in between of this range then you should meet your doctor and have regular checkups.