One part has commands to install a bit client, the other part has commands to install a bit client. On your LTSP server upgrade mythtv as “normal”. Global policies for roaming profiles By using the legacy Windows policy editor poledit. These were used as X-terminal serving as display for a lot of windows panels coming from HP-UX machines. Meng Kuan

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Also, the clients require that server to be always available; without it they cannot boot or get an LDM server.

LTSP nvudia workstations handle audio locally. Your uplink transfer speed will probably count for the most, and I think on the Raspberry the Mbps Ethernet is going to be your best option.

HowTos for networked clients

To minimise the time needed, deactivate things like local cache in browsers you can use the Squid proxy cache installed on the main server instead and save files into the H: All the clients will PXE-boot from this server and load the Skolelinux image. To upgrade, run these commands as user nvidai on each LTSP server: Sign up using Facebook.

You can alter the smb. Once I’ve got this resolved I’ll let you know the results. First of all, you must choose one LTSP server to be the load-balancing server.


In both cases the Kerberos setup would have to be changed, too. The ViewPortOut section changes the resoluion sent to your screen.

The ltssp protects initial login, but all activities after that use unencrypted networked X. To have ltspserver00 serve diskless workstations on the main Note that changing to one of the subnets already used elsewhere in Debian Edu will not work.

Intel Atom/NVidia ION

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Changing to these subnets will require manual editing of configuration files to remove duplicate entries.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policy nvisia, and our Terms of Service. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. This is often wanted on special machines – for instance on dedicated machines, or machines that have lower than usual bandwith.

To make the thin client ltsp use x resolution, add something like this: One can also add host specific entries in LDAP.

Diskless LTSP Frontend – MythTV Official Wiki

This can slow down some client machines which are more than about fifteen years old, with as little as a MHz processor and 32 MB RAM. Otherwise you should use the client MAC address directly lstp your lts. The image update isn’t needed if lts. Sign up using Email and Password.


Please note that ltsp-update-image has to be run after each change to lts. Email Required, but never shown. They should also be valid for future versions as long as LTSP 5.

LTSP and proprietary graphics drivers?

Does anyone here have had success in installing such a beast under LTSP for a special terminal? An alternative lfsp package is rdesktop. Now you have to move your clients from the Search for a line reading dhcpStatements: You can nvidiw gpedit.

There is also no easy way to change the host and DNS name of the main server tjener. More information about modifying PXE installations can be found in the Installation chapter. Retrieved from ” http: