Blast, I think your right. Setting up binutils 2. You should suscribe to the list and run the tool they use scanModem and send the results to them. One reason I chose Ubuntu was for its automatic detection and migration of internet settings! Meanwhile, I have my to help me! Please keep us updated with your experiences and if you want please update the wiki with information for Gutsy.

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Intrl, meanwhile, I uninstalled it, rebooted and checked: Now, go to the directory where you extracted the driver you got from Intel’s site and simply type: Here is the procedure: I have installed genome-ppp and it has a md320 in its settings to detect my modem.

I have the idea of creating specific Howtos for different Ubuntu versions using this chipsets so it could be easier for users to find the right answer to their problem and not having to roll through all this long thread.

I even saved the whole how-to on my computer so I could follow it step by step. Sepero, I tried your suggestions, but when I try to dial, same output “Modem not responding”. Occassionally responses are blocked by an Internet Provider mail filters.


I went back to win downloaded gnome-ppp maybe i had have done it before back to feisty i installed it played a bit with the options but: ATZ Modem not responding What about the networking in the administraion menue? After running the scan modem tool there is a file Intel. The big problem is that Asterisk is unable to “talk” to the modem card because there are hundreds of different models and Asterisk doesn’t have the drivers for each one.

About seconds later I’m connected. Readline Selecting previously deselected package linux-kernel-headers.

Yes I had to make that command, it just took me a sec to figure that out. In a nutshell this is how I established my connection using the terminal.

Hi I have 53 the howto and it worked until step 5. There are a few very proficient guys there which might give us a light on the problem. Trying again in 5 seconds.

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It may be additionally necessary to make a symbolic link: My ep driver is just over 1MB. Previous I got stuck with the “make” command. Yes I believe I did. Involved installing the driver twice–first time Almost everything installed–needed to see some elements already installed to install the rest Double click on it to open it in 53 text editor.


Anyone else seeing slow speeds with this modem on Ubuntu? Hi Hoe you can help. Thanks to this great guide my driver is compiled!

Intel MD3200 intel 537 Modem Driver

Is something wrong with my install? This lines refers to an “issue” during the data exchange between your modem and your ISP modem, but we were trying to make an intfl just on your modem.

Hope this helps, please report back.

Well it leave one option: Selecting previously deselected package make. I am a new Linux, and subsequently Ubuntu, user. I just have a quick question, How can you know if you have version 6.

I believe that if the “make install” worked, you are already done!